Bespoke Jewellery

Before purchasing your diamond ring, why not call in and have a chat with our experienced
staff who will gladly advise you on your purchase.

As we manufacture most of our diamond rings we can give you a variety of sizes and quality of diamonds
and also the settings can come in a range of metals.

We have a large selection of rings in stock but if you require something specific or wish
to design your own ring – contact us to make an appointment with our jeweller – you won’t be disappointed!


Remodify or upstyle older pieces of jewellery:

Hilser Bros offer a restyling service for pieces of jewellery which you may have inherited or simply don’t like the style of anymore. Using your own diamonds we can help you to design something that you will enjoy and love to wear. Drop in and discuss your ideas with our jeweller Michael and he will advise you and create a unique piece for you.

Have your diamond rings – particularly if it’s one you wear every day  – checked once a year for wear on the setting.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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