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Our 8 steps guide for gentlemen buying an engagement ring.

The best way to buy her an engagement ring she’ll love is to let her pick it out herself. She’ll wear this ring every day.

But if you still want to go it alone and surprise her with the engagement ring –

That’s fine – if you put some thought into it you can buy an engagement ring that she’ll love almost as much as she loves you.

  1.  Pay Attention!  Paying attention to her jewelry likes and dislikes is the first big step towards finding her the perfect engagement ring:What metal color does she wear now? Most women have a definite preference.The best indication of her tastes is the jewelry she wears all the time, not items she only wears occasionally, because it’s the full-timers that she’s most comfortable with.
  2. Has She Hinted at her Likes and Dislikes?  Why or why not?Does she like diamonds? Some women don’t. Sapphires and rubies are both durable gemstones that are often set into engagement rings for women who don’t like to wear diamonds.
  3. What Looks Best on Her Hands? A setting that’s extremely delicate could get lost on large hands, over-emphasizing their size and making the ring look smaller.
  4. Choose the Right Shape & Setting:Round diamonds are the number one shape chosen by brides, but maybe not your bride.
  5. Consider her Lifestyle: How will the ring fit in with her lifestyle?
  6. What’s her Ring Size? Does she have rings that she wears on her engagement finger? Maybe a friend or family member could get hold of one of them long enough for you to have it sized.
  7. Consider Buying a Loose Diamond If you think you know which shape she loves, buy a loose diamond to show her when you ask the big question. The two of you can shop together later for the perfect engagement ring setting.
  8. Consider Your Budget Your engagement ring budget is a top consideration. Don’t stress if your budget is tight, because you can buy an affordable engagement ring. There are lots of excellent options, from solitaires to rings with multiple diamonds or other gems. Engagement Rings on a Budget can help.


Rare and fascinating, mysterious and magical, the diamond has ignited romantic passion throughout history. The word alone conjures up a thousand images: rare, precious, desirable, beautiful, sparkling tokens of love. Created deep within the core of the earth more than 3 billion years ago and brought to the surface by volcanic eruption, most of the diamonds sparkling on fingers today are more than 100 million years old!

What Makes a Diamond Special?

Beauty – The colourless beauty and inner fire of the diamond has made this precious gem prized for centuries. Each stone’s complex characteristics cannot be duplicated, and no two diamonds can ever be the same. Each stone, like its owner, is endowed with a personality and character uniquely its own.

Durability – A diamond is the hardest substance known to man, making it resistant to deterioration. When cared for properly, diamond jewellery can be worn every day and passed on as an heirloom to the next generation.

Purity – Although new resources for diamonds are being explored and discovered, the supply of these gems remains limited. This is understandable once you learn that more than 250 tons of ore need to be blasted, crushed and processed to yield just one carat of rough diamond. Further, only 20 percent of all rough diamonds are suitable for gem cutting.

Enduring Value – Like many precious products, diamond prices fluctuate. But it is important to know that these sparkling gemstones still retain value after years of being worn and enjoyed.

Where to Buy Diamond Jewellery:

Because expertise in the grading, selection and sale of diamonds takes years of training, always buy a diamond from a retailer you can trust – like Hilser Bros. We are a professional jeweller established in the community and we have an excellent reputation for integrity and service. We will show you a selection of diamonds and explain the subtle differences in grade and value. Use our knowledge and expertise to guide you in choosing the perfect diamond for a lifetime of wearing pleasure.




How to Buy a Diamond:

There are four factors that determine the value of a diamond, collectively known as the four C’s.

The combination of the four C’s determines each diamond’s value – Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut.

Terms You Should Know:

Just like the infinite range of diamond qualities and colours, there are many different shapes and setting techniques offered by today’s designers.
Here is a mini-glossary of the most important ones:

Baguette – This refers to a rectangular-shaped small diamond that is often used to enhance the setting of a larger stone.

Bezel setting – A diamond is completely surrounded by a precious metal border in this setting technique that resembles a picture frame.

Channel setting – Popular for mounting rows of small, uniformly sized stones, this setting technique uses two strips of metal to hold the stones at the sides. Used for round, baguette and square-cut stones, the channel setting resembles a railroad track with the diamonds in the center.

Fancy cut – A diamond cut in any shape other than round. Fancy cuts include such shapes as baguette, emerald, triangle, pear, princess, oval and marquis.

Pavé setting – A setting technique for small diamonds in which the stones are set so closely together that no metal shows. A pavé surface appears to be paved with diamonds.

Solitaire – The mounting of a single gemstone.

Tiffany setting – A four- or six-prong setting using long, slender prongs to hold the stone.

Caring for Your Diamond:

Diamonds may be the hardest substance known to man, but they still can be damaged or dulled.

Your diamond jewellery will benefit from the following tips:

Don’t jumble your diamond jewellery together or with other pieces, because diamonds can scratch other jewellery and each other.

Keep your diamond jewellery in a fabric-lined jewel case or in a box with compartments or dividers.

Don’t wear your diamonds when doing rough work.

Even though a diamond is durable, it can be chipped by a hard blow.

Clean your diamonds regularly using either commercial jewellery cleaner or a bath of warm soapy water. Dip the jewellery into the solution, and use a soft brush to dislodge dust or dirt from under the setting.

Don’t let your diamond come in contact with chlorine bleach or other chemicals, because they can pit or discolour the mounting.

See your jeweller at least once a year to have your diamond jewellery professionally cleaned and checked for loose prongs and wear.

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